About Us

Orchestras Live is a national music charity, passionate that people from all backgrounds should have the opportunity to participate in and enjoy the highest quality orchestral experience, regardless of their age or geographical location.

We are the only organisation of our kind working in the orchestral sector.

Our partnerships with our national network of promoters, with the country’s leading orchestras, with music education hubs and numerous other stakeholders give us a unique ability to ensure that the widest possible audiences, particularly those who are geographically and socially isolated, can be inspired by the excellence of professional British orchestras.

We operate away from London and large metropolitan centres, focusing our work in under-served parts of the country where investment in and engagement with the arts is relatively low and where without our work, professional British orchestral activity would not take place.

Our partnerships are the bedrock of our work, enabling us to deliver world-class orchestral experiences by the best British orchestras to audiences living in areas that would not otherwise have the chance to hear them.

In each of the three years between 2015 and 2018 we will:

  • deliver 150 concerts, residencies and projects across England, working in partnership with a minimum of 60 promoter partners;
  • reach 60,000 people;
  • maintain partnerships with at least 20 professional British symphony and chamber orchestras. 

The key to our success in the period between 2015 and 2018 will be our unique understanding of the dynamic that exists between orchestras, promoters and their audiences.

Orchestras Live operates independently between the ‘market’ – our investing and promoter partners – and the ‘industry’ – our professional British orchestra partners. We value our relationship with both and seek to create lasting and sustainable partnerships with each.

Our expertise has been built up over many years of successful partnership working where we make the best possible match between market need and the most appropriate orchestral activity. We are confident that this is a proven and effective business model for the next three years.

Orchestras Live Business Plan 2015-18

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