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We believe passionately in the power of orchestral music to change lives. Whether we are giving disadvantaged young people the unique opportunity to programme orchestral concerts for their peers, taking newly commissioned music to people in isolated communities or developing concerts that engage people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, our work has a lasting impact on those it reaches.

We are the only organisation of our kind working in the orchestral sector and without our input little or no orchestral activity would take place in the places in which we operate. You can help us ensure that over the next three years Britain’s finest orchestras extend their reach to 180,000 people living in the most culturally under-served parts of the country.

If you share our passion that orchestras should be for everyone, and want to find out more about how you can make a difference, please contact Caroline Porter, Funding Development Manager, on 020 7520 1494 or by email via this link.

Orchestras Live Annual Report & Accounts 2017/18

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