OAE Music and Film project, Darlington September 2018

In summer 2018, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment (OAE) started a creative film composition project in which young musicians from Wyvern Academy in Darlington worked with OAE musicians and music leader James Redwood to compose a live musical soundtrack for a short film.

“This project built up the self-esteem of every student who was involved. Your team took some extremely reluctant learners and gave them the confidence to compose their own music, to create and express their own ideas. Students who were terrified of performing in front of people were given the self-belief to play in front of an audience and the smiles on their faces were a testament as to how much that experience has enriched their lives. I now have a group of budding musicians who are raring to go and looking for the next project. You have awoken their musical aspirations and given me a fantastic foundation to build upon.”

Kristen Peacock, Teacher at Wyvern Academy

OAE Music and Film project report (Darlington, 2018)

Click here to download the PDF

You can watch the premiere film screening of I’m Never Gonna Stop, accompanied by the young musicians performing their composed soundtrack, below.


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