Evaluation Report: Chelmsford First Time Live, November 2017

John K Miles introduces the new piece composed with the young musicians.

Between October and November 2017, 92 students at six schools in Chelmsford collaborated with composer John K Miles and City of London Sinfonia on this youth-led project co-produced by Orchestras Live and Essex Music Services.

Through a series of workshops, young people from local schools created their own musical ideas, supported by John K Miles and CLS players. These new elements were included in an orchestral score composed by John, enabling all the young participants to perform alongside the CLS orchestra in two culmination concerts at Chelmsford Central Baptist Church – an afternoon concert attended by 145 local primary schoolchildren and their teachers, and an evening concert for parents/carers and the public attended by an audience of 220. Both concerts featured several orchestral classics as well as the world premiere of Chelmsford’s unique new piece entitled Freedom.

“The experience is incredible, as a majority of these students haven’t seen or heard these instruments being played, never mind listening to a live orchestra. It was engaging and inspiring for them as potentially budding musicians to want to do something like this when they’re older. The children said they really enjoyed it and were quite amazed at how people could read that much music. Some said they’d be interested in taking up a new instrument after seeing it in real life.” (Teacher feedback from primary school concert)

As well as performing, the students were involved also in programming the concerts and some introduced the orchestral pieces and interviewed CLS players and the conductor during the concerts, gaining further music industry experience through working with professional managers and musicians from the orchestra.

“I’ve never seen an orchestra before, live, so it’s really nice to be able to hear all the different instruments and it especially helps with my GCSE and stuff so then I get to listen to them and see what they sound like and it can help towards my listening exams and stuff. And it’s been quite a treat to see all the different instruments together.” (participant)

You can download our Evaluation Report below to find out more about this project.

Chelmsford FTL evaluation report, November 2017

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