North Norfolk Centre of Excellence: A new partnership

Stuart Bruce, Senior Creative Producer, reflects on String Celebration; a weekend of activity with City of London Sinfonia in Holt, North Norfolk, co-produced by Orchestras Live…

The weekend was significant in that it formed the first project in the North Norfolk Centre of Excellence, a partnership between Orchestras Live, Norfolk Music Hub and North Norfolk District Council with the purpose of developing regular opportunities for young musicians to work alongside professionals prior to or as part of orchestral concert programmes. In addition to students already engaged in learning, it is an opportunity for less well-established young instrumentalists to be inspired to pursue their music-making through diverse genres including orchestral.

City of London Sinfonia provided such inspiration through an open rehearsal and a stunning concert at the Auden Theatre in Holt. The following day, two CLS players worked with nearly 70 elementary and intermediate young musicians in a String Celebration day of rehearsals and a showcase performance which was thoroughly enjoyed by their families and friends. A very positive start to building excellence in terms of experiences and outcomes for young people across the district.

Stuart Bruce, Senior Creative Producer

“It made me want to play more classical music as I always thought it would be too hard for me”
Young musician feedback


“Playing has inspired me to join the local orchestra.”
Young musician feedback


“I think it’s helped me, because I’m not the most confident person, to realise that you don’t have to be confident. Music can express how you can be confident even though you might not be” 
Young musician feedback


“It’s interested me not to do just classical music, to explore jazz, baroque and different types of music.” 
Young musician feedback


“My daughter has only just taken up the violin this year and loves it but can be a bit reluctant to practise. She was so motivated to practise in the run up to the workshop and absolutely loved the day itself, so it has been brilliant in encouraging her to continue with her music. I was so impressed by the performance and so proud of her for playing so well. I have to confess that there were a few damp eyes from the proud parents and I’ve loved watching the recording and enjoying it all over again. I hope these are more events like this planned, as she will be first to sign up!”
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Photos (c) Joanna Millington.