Beyond the Premiere

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Contrary to popular belief, people aren’t afraid of new music – they just need to be better prepared and have the opportunity to experience more of it. Our Beyond the Premiere initiative addresses the issue of the lack of performance opportunities for new works beyond their premiere.

Beyond the Premiere continues to grow in popularity with both our promoter and orchestra partners. For our promoter partners it’s an opportunity to develop audiences and introduce them to something new. Audiences don’t need to be told that it will “challenge” them, they need reassurance, so all Beyond the Premiere programmes are introduced, wherever possible, by the composer either at the performance or in programme notes or in an online interview that promoters can direct their audiences to before the concert. Our support reduces the risk both financially and artistically for promoters as the new work is usually programmed alongside more familiar and complementary repertoire.

In 2013/14 we featured the work of Huw Watkins and Sally Beamish. With the generous support of the Royal Philharmonic Society and PRS for Music Foundation we secured five additional performances of Huw Watkins’ Little Symphony in Bradford on Avon, Cockermouth, Beverley, Chelmsford and Holt performed by Orchestra of the Swan. The Academy of St Martin in the Fields performed Sally’s new work, Variations on a Theme of Benjamin Britten, as part of the Britten 100 commemoration in Southampton, where it received its world premiere, Stamford, Bradford on Avon and Ludham, Norfolk.

Beyond the Premiere has been well received by composers too. The opportunity to develop and evaluate their work through a number of consecutive performances in a variety of different contexts and to a range of different audiences is invaluable. Likewise for orchestras the ability to properly ‘bed in’ a new piece is a very welcome luxury these days. The presence of Beyond the Premiere also helps orchestras to think more long term about commissioning, enabling them to embed new work into their artistic plans in the knowledge that there is a body of promoters eager to present new work to an audience that is open and well prepared to receive it.

This is something we’ve been able to do with City of London Sinfonia where Gwilym Simcock’s new work for orchestra and solo clarinet, On a Piece of Tapestry, winner of a PRS New Music Biennial Award, was commissioned with further performances in mind and as it turned out, we secured five Beyond the Premiere performances with promoters in Hull, Bradford on Avon, Southampton, Hereford and Oswestry.

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We’re delighted to be featuring the work of three composers, Deborah PritchardJane Wells and John Woolrich, in our Beyond the Premiere programme in 2016. Find out about our plans for Beyond the Premiere in 2016 via this link