Invigorating communities

We transform musical provision, opening up new cultural opportunities for people in their communities.

Find out more about some of our recent projects that are helping to invigorate communities...

Hear and Now

Young and older people join together in creative music workshops centred around memory and emotions and create new compositions inspired by their discussions and personalities, helping to forge understanding between generations and communities.

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A woman dancing with a young boy

Requiem - An Act of Remembrance

“In this area important things happened like the Zeppelin raids. I had relatives who died in the war so I feel a real connection to it.” - participant

Thousands of local people were involved in our project Requiem; a multi-faceted project giving tribute and commemoration to the stories of the people of Great Yarmouth and their experiences of the First World War.

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Hundreds of young people performing in a circular venue.

Classically Yours

Classically Yours set out to engage communities across the East Riding of Yorkshire by addressing the inequalities of opportunity to access high quality live orchestral music. In May 2019 we were awarded the RPS Music Award for Audiences and Engagement in recognition of the success of this project.

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Small groups of dancers perform between round tables of audience members with an orchestra behind on stage

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