Orchestras Live has been evolving for more than 50 years. We believe that orchestras are for everyone and that live orchestral music has the power to inspire people for a lifetime. We are committed to engaging people of all ages and backgrounds, and particularly those in historically under-invested, non-metropolitan communities in England, in creating work that harnesses the transformative power of orchestral music to inspire, bring joy and support wellbeing.

We believe that our work stands the best chance of success when it is founded on a listening culture; designed through consultation and collaboration with the diverse individuals and communities with whom we engage. We want this diversity to be reflected in our Board and staff team, and aim to achieve a nationally representative demographic profile across our organisation.

As a thought leader in the orchestral sector, Orchestras Live is alive to innovations and their potential to drive positive change. We are prepared to break the mould and explore new ideas or practices – artistic, technological, societal, environmental, and organisational. Our response to COVID19 has been agile; adapting and developing new ways of working in the new context. Looking ahead we believe that the social and economic environment for communities and cultural activity will be permanently changed and that many of the innovations from this period will be adopted as key elements of our work.

Our programme of orchestral activity focuses on building inclusive cultural communities through civic engagement, work to support health & wellbeing and work with children and young people, supported by a programme of workforce development. We will continue to learn and grow, demonstrating insight, impact and sector leadership and will tackle barriers to inclusion.

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