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Classically Yours brings people of all ages together to create and perform music with the country’s finest professional orchestras. These experiences enrich lives, improve wellbeing and forge friendships and social connections. Our project is needed now more than ever to combat the loneliness and isolation brought about by the covid-19 pandemic.

Please help us to bring people together through music and make a difference to the lives of people of all ages in the East Riding.

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Give the gift of music. Your support will enable more people in the East Riding to take part in joyful music making with orchestras at a time when it's most needed. Thank you.

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The impact of Classically Yours

So far we have reached a combined audience of nearly 7,000 local people aged 3 to 93, who have had the unique opportunity to work alongside world class orchestras and create 17 brand new pieces of music! The act of creating music together enables people to develop their confidence and feel valued for their creative contributions no matter their age or background. We've worked with young people in primary and secondary schools - some who play instruments and others who don't - through to local choirs, to residents of local care homes and their carers who can feel cut off from society and no longer valued, even before the effects of the current pandemic enforced social isolation.

It has brought a lot of joy to elderly people in their care homes and to people with learning disabilities, they all loved the music and all the instruments we used - so did we.

~ Member of Withernsea Ladies Choir

Online zoom workshop as part of Unlocked Voices.

Credit: Manchester Camerata

Our work during lockdown

As lockdown hit back in March 2020, work with our partner orchestras was stopped in its tracks. As it became clear that it was unlikely the orchestras would be able to physically visit the East Riding again this year, we began discussing how we could continue to work with local communities and bring people together to make music through Unlocked Voices with Manchester Camerata and School of BaRock with Sinfonia Viva.

Eight months later and residents of East Riding have enjoyed a whole host of virtual music making activities that have maintained their much valued creative exchange with orchestral musicians. In the coming weeks we look forward to sharing two films of the new music created and performed by the people of the East Riding alongside our partner orchestras.

School of BaRock with Sinfonia Viva

School of BaRock is inspired by Vivaldi’s Four Seasons featuring tracks with a catchy pop twist that will have you singing your heart out. Written by Bay Primary School, Kings Mill School, Martongate Primary School and Remarkable Rock Choir, in collaboration with James Redwood, Sophie Rosa and Dave Ayre, these songs are an entirely original and totally collaborative effort.

The film premiere featuring these six new songs will take place on Saturday 13 February at 3pm via the Classically Yours Facebook page and will feature recordings of the participants singing, mixed with the orchestra’s live sessions. So get ready for an uplifting online extravaganza. School of BaROCK is now in session!

Unlocked Voices with Manchester Camerata

Unlocked Voices took form as an online choir with people from all over Withernsea. The group got together every other week during lockdown, and wrote their own song for Withernsea (as well as fitting in a kitchen samba, a solo performance by a Camerata musician and a mindfulness session led by Rachel Lilley from Active Withernsea in each rehearsal, all in just an hour!). Their brand new piece received its premiere on Withernsea’s Seaside Radio on 27 November.

Listen to the recording here and join us on Wednesday 9 December at 8pm for the film premiere. Watch the film here.

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The pandemic has brought into focus the social and healing power of music and critical need for shared experiences and creative interaction.If you've enjoyed learning more about Classically Yours, please help us to keep working with these groups in the East Riding at the time we all need it the most. Follow the link to give £10, £25 or £50 - or another amount of your choice - and you will be making a big difference. Thank you.

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