You will believe in the power of culture to create social impact and positive change, supporting your commitment to Orchestras Live’s purpose and vision;

You will share our commitment to creating a more equitable orchestral sector and to cementing an inclusive approach across everything we do and how we do it;

You will demonstrate a strong affinity with our organisational values: Inclusive, Collaborative, Forward-looking, Creative and Environmentally Responsible;

You will demonstrate confidence and persuasiveness whilst adopting a collaborative leadership style;

Your leadership style will reflect Orchestras Live’s fair and transparent decision making culture;

You will be able to build resilient and supportive working relationships with trustees, the CEO and management team that facilitate positive discussion and challenge where appropriate;

You will share our enthusiasm for people who bring different work and life experiences, perspectives and ways of doing things to the organisation. We want to work with people who have open ears and an open mind to new approaches, prepared to challenge the status quo.

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