What we do

Our mission is to ensure everyone has access to and can enjoy the benefits of live orchestral music, regardless of their background. We work in areas of the country which have experienced historical underinvestment, including rural and coastal parts of England. Our projects can take place in schools, care homes, prisons, arts venues, museums, outdoors and online.

At the heart of our work is a “with” not “for” approach – we don’t helicopter in with the finished project, we act as the creative intermediary between our partners, audiences, participants and artists. Our model of work ensures that new ideas are embraced, and sustainable relationships are built between promoters, orchestras, local partners including local authorities, health and social care providers, music education hubs and audiences.

Our projects are driven by at least one of the following aims:

Key points

Community collaboration

We place local people at the heart of an orchestral project: supporting them to create relevant orchestral events with a significant role in the project design.

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Inspiring children and young people

We provide vital opportunities for children and young people to engage with live orchestral music for the first time.

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Workforce development

We provide training for orchestral musicians and nurture new talent entering the sector.

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Health and wellbeing support

We create projects that use the power of orchestral music to support individuals to live well.

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Research and reports

Read research published about our activity, and case studies and reports from our recent projects.

Read our research and reports
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