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Orchestras Live believes orchestras are for everyone. We are a national producer and create projects where music and creativity can thrive. We work to ensure communities across England have access to world-class orchestral experiences.


Orchestras are for everyone.


To engage people of all ages and backgrounds, particularly those in historically under-invested, non-metropolitan communities in England, in creating work that harnesses the transformative power of orchestral music to inspire, bring joy and support wellbeing.


Our values set the standard by which we hold ourselves to account and ask partners to do the same.

We are:


  • To ensure that the orchestral experiences we co-produce are ambitious, meaningful and relevant.​
  • To devise innovative solutions that underpin efficient organisational systems.


  • To ensure equity of access and opportunity across our delivery programme and organisational structure.


  • We respect and understand the needs and aspirations of communities with whom we work, our partners’ challenges and ambitions, and the expertise and potential within our staff and trustees​.

Environmentally responsible

  • We raise ambition for ourselves and the sector to improve environmental responsibility, take focused action and collaborate to mitigate and minimise the environmental impacts of our operations and co-productions​.


  • To explore new developments and their potential​ – artistic, technological, environmental, societal or organisational – so that we offer innovative and dynamic leadership to the sector.

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