Our Impact 2023/24

Our latest Review shows the direct impact we had on the communities we worked with in 2023/24, as well as the sector we operate in.

We believe orchestras are for everyone

  • We are a national producer, working to increase access to world-class music experiences.
  • We believe that people from all backgrounds, areas and ages should have access to high quality music opportunities.

  • We focus our work on communities who currently have less access to the performing arts.
  • We encourage orchestras to think about the impact they have beyond the stage.
  • We work to change people's hearts and minds about what an orchestra can be.
Group of people on stage with musicians. They are all happy and have their arms in the air

Our work in 2023/24 has resulted in...

project partnerships
locally based partners
orchestra partners
orchestral experiences

Projects Spotlight

It brought my mum to life. The music helped her remember

Project participant

We work with a diverse range of partners and communities.

We use music as a way to enable people to fulfil their potential and enjoy healthy, happy lives.

Our projects are collaborative in nature; shaped by our participants' passions and needs.

Our work leaves behind healthier, stronger creative communities, and ensures everyone has equal access and opportunities.

of produced work took place in/with Levelling Up For Culture areas
activity budget spent on Levelling Up For Culture communities

Leadership in the Sector

Working with Orchestras Live, means we can collaborate with a first class, inspirational orchestra and deliver meaningful, life-impacting projects.

Partner Organisation

We advocate for the vital role that music plays in improving people's lives and support local communities to build their aspirations.

We use our influence to champion positive change in the orchestral sector.

We aim to be a force for positive change in key areas:

  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Social value and impact
of partners would not have produced this activity without us
of stakeholders see us as a changemaker in the sector

Recognition and Highlights

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and felt so overwhelmed to be given such a fantastic opportunity.

Project participant

We are an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation.

Our funding in 2023/24 has enabled us to:

  • invest in new team roles to allow us to reach more communities in England
  • test new ways of working with our current partners and communities
  • extend our influence and leadership within the orchestral and wider culture sectors
of participants had a positive experience
of participants have increased feelings of belonging
of participants report positive impact on their mental health

Thank you

Our opportunities to feel involved in the community are limited. This made us feel included.

Partner Organisation

We are extremely grateful for the support we have received from our funders and partners in 2023/24, which allowed our vital work to flourish.

In particular, for the financial support we received from:

Arts Council England, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Scops Arts Trust and the Garfield Weston Foundation.