Inspiring children and young people

We design vital opportunities for children and young people who don't have the opportunity to engage with live orchestral music. In a typical year, we engage around 15,000 children and young people through our orchestral projects.

Find out more about some of our recent projects that are helping to inspire children and young people...

Lullaby Concerts

Over ten years, our Lullaby Concerts with City of London Sinfonia have reached over 20,000 young people and their families through 105 concerts. For many this is their first experience of live orchestral music, and these first encounters have gone on to inspire young audience members to take up an instrument and encourage families to experience more live music together.

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A woman and two young children watching the orchestra.

The Wish

The Wish introduces primary school children to the instruments of the orchestra, so that they can make informed choices about deciding to learn an instrument.

Music Education Hub staff reported a 103% increase in pupils taking up an orchestral instrument following the project in 2018.

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The conductor hands a young girl a baton as she step up to conduct the orchestra.

Requiem: An Act of Remembrance

"It boosted my self-confidence working in large groups... and working in a team together" - participant

More than 100 young people helped to produce Requiem, from creating and performing musical material, to writing spoken dialogues and poetry, to designing visual artwork and producing a touring exhibition.

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A woman conducting a large orchestra and large childrens choir in a circular venue with a screen showing a film up above the orchestra.

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